Disabled Widow Benefits

Disabled Widow’s Benefits

Social Security created the Disabled Widows Benefits program in its current form in 1967. This program extends a deceased spouse’s coverage for Disability Insurance Benefits to their surviving spouses (male and female). If the widow, either a husband or wife, proves disability, he or she can get benefits based on the deceased spouses’ earnings history – which can allow a higher monthly benefit amount. It can also allow a surviving spouse to get disability benefits when they otherwise would have had none. There are different qualifications for applying as a Disabled Widow for these benefits. The main qualifications are that the widow must be between 50 and 60 years old within 7 years of their spouse’s death, and prove their own disability before he or she is remarried. Further background on Disabled Widow’s Benefits is here. Widows age 60 or older can receive benefits without establishing disability based on the earnings history of the deceased spouse.