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Fraud in the Disability Program

As news circulates of the potential 2016 depletion of the Social Security Disability trust fund, Representative Sam Johnson (R., Texas) is demanding an extensive review of the Social Security Administration’s management structure. Rep. Johnson who chairs the House subcommittee that ov
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Social Security Disability Fraud is a Big Deal – Here is One Example

Raymond Salva, a former Missouri state legislator, was indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday because he received Social Security disability payments while he served in the Missouri House. According to the indictment, Salva was approved by the Social Security Administration for d
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Guilty Psychologist

Social Security programs are sacred – or at least should be considered as such. Unfortunately, some people use the programs to their own advantage and in an illegal manner. This realization was the precipitating factor in the involvement of the Office of the Inspector General. In one
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Improperly Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits

Recent articles have been released regarding the latest senate report addressing Social Security disability benefits that were “improperly” awarded. I highlight the word “improperly” not to discount the senate report, but because to me “improperly” tends to denote a negative connotati
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Policy Instruction on Internet and Social Media Network Sites

The Social Security Administration has set forth guidelines for an Administrative Law Judge and other reviewer’s use of internet and social media network sites in adjudicating Social Security Disability claims. You may remember one of my earlier blogs discussing Administrative L
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Social Security Disability and Fraud

When a person is adjudicated disabled under the Social Security Act, they must have a continuing disability to receive ongoing benefits, i.e. continue to be disabled as a result of a medically determinable impairment with no medical improvement. If there is medical improvement in a pe
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